Ира С После 1

Before                                                                                                                         1.5 months after

My weight was once at a critical threshold, that being 122kg’s (at a height of just 172cm)
I was suffering from high blood pressure, A reading of 150/100 was the norm for me and 180/110 slightly raised, the doctors verdict in this respect was that ”it happens, cest la vie
To add to this I was also suffering from recurring headaches,an overwhelming feeling of lethargy and brain fog in conjunction with an insatiable appetite.
The never ending search for the ‘magic pill’ has overwhelmed me in ways that you would never imagine, all while having a considerable toll on my wellbeing,time,money and most importantly my health!
After taking part in Tatiana’s dietary programe I have lost 32KGs! My blood pressure has stabilised to 120/80 and trust me when I say, I am just so happy because I feel 10 years younger. I can think clearly now and I am just so grateful for meeting Tatiana as she is the very epitome of healthy eating, life values and well-being.
I am ever so grateful! – Erina